Sunday, March 14, 2010

More wine please ...

So I was thinking I could do some high minded thing like choosing an article from the Sunday New York Times that I found particularly fascinating, expansive and so stimulating in only that way the Times can be and share it each week with the Old Guys.

We're Cultchaaad like that you know.
(Don't forget to drop your jaw when you say it. Pretend your Niles Crane. Yes, just like that. Good job Old Guys!)

I still might do it.

However, today I've chose to encourage your participation in my most FAVOURITE activity. Consuming that most splendid of fruit based beverages - WINE (!!!)

Gentlemen, The New York Times has a wine club. Actually if you read the fine print it's a wine club endorsed by the Times with no vino selection by Time critics. However, it is called The New York Times Wine Club and it does include articles/reviews to help one expand on their knowledge and appreciation of the most nectarous of all liquids. Also could make a groovy gift I would imagine.

At a super reasonable price I'm hard pressed to think of a reason NOT to join.

I just picked up 6 different cheeses at the Farmer's Market this morning. Better get pairin'

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