Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Men of Monocle

If you're not reading Monocle you really should be. A stylish briefing of every primary matter of interest for smart, savy and modern folks can be found between it's pages. Perfect for Old Guys.

I subscribe and I love it.

They've got retail shops now too so you can roll around and bask in all that juicy coolness.

Anyway, J.Crew the makers of all things that look-great-and-should-be-made-better-than-they-are-but-aren't (infuriating!) recently did a 'Look Book' style spread called the Men of Monocle. Despite my issues with the brand (see above), I gotta say, man is it cool. Which look do you think is the very sharpest?

The Sartorialist features images of the cool crew at Monocle from time to time also.

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