Friday, July 2, 2010

It's Friday ... Everybody giggle.

there isn't much to say ... enjoy.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Calling friends of Rabbit ...

John Updike has been dead for nearly a year and a half. It's a damn shame.

Fortunately for us, It turns out there is a major archive of his personal correspondence and handwritten manuscripts housed at Harvard. A Recent New York Times article discusses the efforts to collate and edit the collection which should be ready for exhibition and examination some time in 2012. Highlighting his prolific and painstaking work as a writer, it's a beautiful testament to the agonizing labour of love writing can be.

PLUS: there is an archival video with Updike discussing writing.

The thoroughly rewarding read (with some suuper dreamy pictures thrown in for good measure) may be found here: John Updike’s Archive: A Great Writer at Work

image is property of Dennis Stock/Knop

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Love at first sight ...

I came across these amazing little gems while wandering around Chelsea

I immediately ran into the (Stationary, really) store and played dress up in the big shiny windows. I'm trying to only purchase things I really NEED (har har) so I've yet to add one to my wardrobe.

They're made of freaking TYVEK people! So, SO rad.

The images don't do them justice. They must be seen in person, touched and adored.

Designer Marian Schoettle refers to her creations as 'Post Industrial Folk wear.'

I call them awesome, chic and (say it with me) PACKABLE. I just imagine myself walking through a rainy paris street on a mini-break in one of these little beauties.

you can find 'em here

there is some other beautiful stuff from Ms. Schoettle but for my money the Tyvek Anoraks and cute litter topper coats certainly are the diamonds.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

... and now for something completely different

I am often most disturbed and confused by the state of affairs in Israel and Palestine. In part because it's very difficult for me to wrap my mind around the ancient conflicts that exist there (I am after all a young person from a country that is only a couple hundred years old.) It's even more challenging for me to understand what (if) the global Jewish connection is to Israel and how that works. I suppose one could say I don't fully grasp the concepts of Zionism or understand the Jewish diaspora.

Anyway it's fairly critical to make every attempt comprehend the situation there as it directly affects American foreign policy. So at the urging of some friends I got myself on the mailing list for J street which is a
"... political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans to advocate for vigorous U.S. leadership to achieve a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and to broaden debate around Israel and the Middle East in national politics and the American Jewish community."

I received an email from them recently linking me to Peter Beinart's article entitled "The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment" It discusses a fundamental failure to facilitate and support healthy, stable, effective pro-Israeli conversations about the condition of the state and the vital need for peace and basic human rights compliance. For me it was also clear eyed distillation of the state of Jewish affairs globally with some much needed historical context in the mix (I made sure to google all the terms, people and places I wasn't familiar with). I really needed somebody to explain things to me this eloquently and simply. I've provided a link to this remarkable essay here because I thought perhaps some of you might need that too.

The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment
by Peter Beinart

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Old(er) ... than they where

So this one might be a little random.

.... but Hanson (of mid-nineties horrific teen pop abortion "mmm bop") have come out with a new song and it's really really really good!

My mind was so blown I just had to share it.

They grew up just fine!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Porn ...

Food Porn that is.

I don't know about you Old Guys but the only thing I like more than eating amazing food, talking about it or making it is LOOKING AT luscious culinary creations.

Many of us have slightly kinky relationships with food (my Father once had to be left alone with a chocolate pizza. When we returned there was nothing but a sleepy Old Guy covered in powdered sugar).

Food Porn Daily has distilled this relationship in one slick end very sexy website.

It's a fairly simple concept best encapsulised by the slogan on the site: click, drool, repeat. Some of the photos even feature links to recipes.

The site has been around for a while but I thought I'd share it with you Old Guys anyway.

**images courtesy of The best I ever had and food glutton for Food Porn Daily**

Monday, April 5, 2010

New stuff for Old Nerds ...

Everyday is a School Day.

So I know you Old Guys are smart. However, I also know that not everybody had access to an Ivy League education. Now you can and for free.

Academic Earth is an AMAZING site that allows you to audit courses from some of the top Universities in the world (Harvard, UCLA, MIT, Columbia etc). Full videos of lectures and lessons for entire courses are available for free. You don't even have to sign in or anything. It's like YouTube for mega nerds.

With courses like:
Geography of United States Elections
Science, Magic and Religion
Game Theory
Newton and the Enlightenment
Nonviolence: From Gandhi to Martin Luther King
New Testament History and Literature
Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?
The American Novel Since 1945

... to name a very few

you'd be absolutely nuts not to check it out. You can go to Uni for free in your jimmy jams. Can't beat that!

Let me know what you think and which courses you're into.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Character Approved!

The revolution WILL be televised ...

USA Networks has spearheaded a new series of awards for innovators and revolutionaries called Character Approved

USA Network's Character Approved Awards honor the real characters who are changing the face of American Culture. Character Approved honorees are innovators in their field who influence our opinions, our style, and our view of the world. They surprise us and inspire us with fresh ideas. They are celebrated by their peers and they have an authentic style that's all their own.

The micro site features a really fun and insightful series of interviews/vignettes with some of the honorees who include:

Revolutionary pop artist Kehinde Wiley

Elegantly young and hip american designer Narciso Rodriguez


Sustainable, clean, local food pioneer Dan Barber of the super tasty and eco friendly Blue Hill @ STONE BARNS!

Check out the "Honorees" section to view all of the videos.

In the interest of full disclosure I should note that I worked on the production of the vignettes filmed on the East Coast.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Miss Thing Green is NOT your colour ...

There really isn't a whole lot to say about this... except that it's AWESOME!

Happy Saturday!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Men of Monocle

If you're not reading Monocle you really should be. A stylish briefing of every primary matter of interest for smart, savy and modern folks can be found between it's pages. Perfect for Old Guys.

I subscribe and I love it.

They've got retail shops now too so you can roll around and bask in all that juicy coolness.

Anyway, J.Crew the makers of all things that look-great-and-should-be-made-better-than-they-are-but-aren't (infuriating!) recently did a 'Look Book' style spread called the Men of Monocle. Despite my issues with the brand (see above), I gotta say, man is it cool. Which look do you think is the very sharpest?

The Sartorialist features images of the cool crew at Monocle from time to time also.