Monday, March 22, 2010

Character Approved!

The revolution WILL be televised ...

USA Networks has spearheaded a new series of awards for innovators and revolutionaries called Character Approved

USA Network's Character Approved Awards honor the real characters who are changing the face of American Culture. Character Approved honorees are innovators in their field who influence our opinions, our style, and our view of the world. They surprise us and inspire us with fresh ideas. They are celebrated by their peers and they have an authentic style that's all their own.

The micro site features a really fun and insightful series of interviews/vignettes with some of the honorees who include:

Revolutionary pop artist Kehinde Wiley

Elegantly young and hip american designer Narciso Rodriguez


Sustainable, clean, local food pioneer Dan Barber of the super tasty and eco friendly Blue Hill @ STONE BARNS!

Check out the "Honorees" section to view all of the videos.

In the interest of full disclosure I should note that I worked on the production of the vignettes filmed on the East Coast.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Miss Thing Green is NOT your colour ...

There really isn't a whole lot to say about this... except that it's AWESOME!

Happy Saturday!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Men of Monocle

If you're not reading Monocle you really should be. A stylish briefing of every primary matter of interest for smart, savy and modern folks can be found between it's pages. Perfect for Old Guys.

I subscribe and I love it.

They've got retail shops now too so you can roll around and bask in all that juicy coolness.

Anyway, J.Crew the makers of all things that look-great-and-should-be-made-better-than-they-are-but-aren't (infuriating!) recently did a 'Look Book' style spread called the Men of Monocle. Despite my issues with the brand (see above), I gotta say, man is it cool. Which look do you think is the very sharpest?

The Sartorialist features images of the cool crew at Monocle from time to time also.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

More wine please ...

So I was thinking I could do some high minded thing like choosing an article from the Sunday New York Times that I found particularly fascinating, expansive and so stimulating in only that way the Times can be and share it each week with the Old Guys.

We're Cultchaaad like that you know.
(Don't forget to drop your jaw when you say it. Pretend your Niles Crane. Yes, just like that. Good job Old Guys!)

I still might do it.

However, today I've chose to encourage your participation in my most FAVOURITE activity. Consuming that most splendid of fruit based beverages - WINE (!!!)

Gentlemen, The New York Times has a wine club. Actually if you read the fine print it's a wine club endorsed by the Times with no vino selection by Time critics. However, it is called The New York Times Wine Club and it does include articles/reviews to help one expand on their knowledge and appreciation of the most nectarous of all liquids. Also could make a groovy gift I would imagine.

At a super reasonable price I'm hard pressed to think of a reason NOT to join.

I just picked up 6 different cheeses at the Farmer's Market this morning. Better get pairin'

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Head on down to the General Store ...

I get it, you're men. Men and especially Cool Old guys need Carharts and wrenches just as much as you need bowties and schhhhmancy shaving supplies. It's hard to go from the hardware store to Barneys to LL Bean in one day. Not to mention all of those little boutiques that have some cool of the stuff that all the kids are into but play really loud pulsating music (read: bad) and find you attended to by a hipster barely out of puberty telling you nothing is more attractive on a 6 foot 2 inch 60 year old Black guy who walks with a cane (my Dad) than a pair of 'Skinny Jeans'. I mean, right?

What you need is a well edited General Store for Men. Who's with me?


I stumbled across this fabulous idea a few months ago. It's called Hog Mountain, they're nice in there too. Thank me later.

Rumor has it they'll start taking online orders soon for you Old Guys who can't make the trip to Brooklyn.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wacky Old Guy

Ray Bradbury is a wacky Old Guy. Really. I mean that in the most splendid, affectionate way of course.

I love Science Fiction and Martian Chronicles was my first real introduction to what Science Fiction could be.

In 2004 Bradbury received a Medal of Arts from the NEA who, as part of a project called 'The Big Read', interviewed him at his home in all his wacky Old Guy glory.

They discuss Fahrenheit 451 and his illustrious career.

watch the video HERE

Our Current Future Past never looked or sounded so good!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bright Organic Austerity ...

I came across the beautiful BDDW while doing research for a piece about Stone Barns I recently worked on (more on that another time). BDDW was the former resident of Stone Barns, one of the most beautiful places I've been in a long long time. Cute cows too.

Anyway, I stumbled across this firm in the course of my research and a friend told me I simply had to check out BDDW, that it was totally up my alley and that I would love it. He was so right.

Sorry Old Guys, they don't make Rocking Chairs but you are more the dinner party type anyway ain't cha? Well BDDW has dinner tables to accommodate a dinner featuring that Salmon thing Momo makes (I'm working on getting my hands on the recipe I promise) for 30 of your favorite Cool Old Guys!

I'm one of those people who believes truly beautiful things for the most part must be hand made (and expensive - that part might be the pretentious diva in me but it's basically true. Things aren't beautiful because they are expensive they are expensive because they are beautiful?) ... and BDDW just proves it.

the detail

the care


Party in the Fire Island Pines

So this is about a year old now but I'd not seen it until recently. This is a pretty good indication that you Old Guys haven't either.

It's an internet SENSATION!

It's set to the tune "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus (that's Hannah Montana for you Old Guys with grandchildren)

It's basically the most adorable thing I've seen in the last 8 months. Count the Wiener Dog appearances.

It actually brings up an interesting issue that we all sat around chatting about recently. It is often said that my generation (children of Boomers say 20 - 35) is apathetic. I disagree. I think my generation is the first generation getting busy BEING about the movements (pick a movement and we're being about it) instead of talking about it. Interracial relationships, gay marriage, clean food and water. The success and popularity of this video speaks to that for me in many ways.

where to eat at 4am

So I got a text from my dad and his boyfriend at like 1am once. I love that you Old Guys are often so plugged into the tech! My Dad is a texting MACHINE!

"Momo n me r hungry. Brasserie? Where 2 eat?"

He meant of course that he and his boyfriend were HUNGRY at 1am. The only place those Old Guys knew about was Brasserie which of course hasn't been open for 24hours in over a decade.

But every queen has to eat ... even the very old ones.

So I jumped online and found this little gem:
TONY's guide to 24-hour restaurants in New York City

They invited me to join them and we had a fabulously chic dinner @ 3am.

Alice as Mathematical Satire ...

With the release of Alice in Wonderland in theatres this week I thought you Old Guys might like to discuss the different ways Alice is interpreted. For you Old Queens surely this is a must read.

New Scientist recently featured an article titled
Alice's adventures in algebra: Wonderland solved
The article looks at Alice as an indictment of 'new math' and imaginary numbers in the context of the age of Victorian Mathematics.

"The 19th century was a turbulent time for mathematics, with many new and controversial concepts, like imaginary numbers, becoming widely accepted in the mathematical community. Putting Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in this context, it becomes clear that Dodgson, a stubbornly conservative mathematician, used some of the missing scenes to satirise these radical new ideas."

I'm not great at math. In fact the mere mention of the name 'Euclid' makes me want to stab myself in the face with a blunt fork. Still ... esoteric analysis of fabulous children's literature can't be anything but good, right?