Saturday, March 13, 2010

Head on down to the General Store ...

I get it, you're men. Men and especially Cool Old guys need Carharts and wrenches just as much as you need bowties and schhhhmancy shaving supplies. It's hard to go from the hardware store to Barneys to LL Bean in one day. Not to mention all of those little boutiques that have some cool of the stuff that all the kids are into but play really loud pulsating music (read: bad) and find you attended to by a hipster barely out of puberty telling you nothing is more attractive on a 6 foot 2 inch 60 year old Black guy who walks with a cane (my Dad) than a pair of 'Skinny Jeans'. I mean, right?

What you need is a well edited General Store for Men. Who's with me?


I stumbled across this fabulous idea a few months ago. It's called Hog Mountain, they're nice in there too. Thank me later.

Rumor has it they'll start taking online orders soon for you Old Guys who can't make the trip to Brooklyn.

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