Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Love at first sight ...

I came across these amazing little gems while wandering around Chelsea

I immediately ran into the (Stationary, really) store and played dress up in the big shiny windows. I'm trying to only purchase things I really NEED (har har) so I've yet to add one to my wardrobe.

They're made of freaking TYVEK people! So, SO rad.

The images don't do them justice. They must be seen in person, touched and adored.

Designer Marian Schoettle refers to her creations as 'Post Industrial Folk wear.'

I call them awesome, chic and (say it with me) PACKABLE. I just imagine myself walking through a rainy paris street on a mini-break in one of these little beauties.

you can find 'em here

there is some other beautiful stuff from Ms. Schoettle but for my money the Tyvek Anoraks and cute litter topper coats certainly are the diamonds.

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